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Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak hearing aids are much more than hearing aid, they are the like a boon to the hearing lost patients. We offer phonak brand hearing aids to provide the solution to the hearing loss. Ear Solution is a Leading Supplier & Dealer of Phonak Hearing Aids. Phonak is Swiss based multinational corporate and a member of Sonova group. Phonak is the world’s largest technology provider for hearing industry and to the hearing aid dealers. We offer phonak’s exceptional solutions to the hearing loss peoples. We have several types of phonak hearing aids like Phonak Audeo Q, Phonak Naida Q, Bolero Q, Virto Q, CROS etc. We offer only branded quality hearing aids and that of with good quality sounds.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects a great number of people around the world. And it affects them in a variety of ways. Over time, hearing loss can influence your communication

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Hearing Tests

We will examine your ears for a hearing test.A number of different tests are used to check how well the ears are functioning and their ability to detect different levels of sound.

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How hearing aids works

Hearing aids work by enhancing the sounds around you to make them louder and clearer. And modern digital hearing aids are designed to identify and

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Speech therapy for: delayed speech misarticulation stemmering autism voice problem neurological speech problem.Clients can avail Speech Easy

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Hearing Protection

A hunter’s ears are two of his or her most essential weapons. But if you wear uncomfortable muffs to protect your ears from the noise of the gun, you might not be able

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After Care

With our new digital hearing aids you will rediscover a whole new world of sound. Because hearing loss can often take many years to

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