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" I have visited this centre with my grand father. He had profound hearing loss. But when I visited the centre, they welcome me with full heart and they have taken care of my grand father. I took a pair of hearing aid from them and they offered me free home visit which is really good. This is such a good organisation with experienced audiologist. I am so happy.

"They had a great product! The staff is friendly and respectful. I would personally recommend their service to anyone in need of better hearing. Great experience! ”

"I am looking for hearing aid for one of my relative who is suffering from hearing issue then i see free consultation offer from ear solutions on internet. After taking free consultation they figure out the exact hearing issue of my uncle & also offered us very good discount on siemens hearing aid with life time free after sale service. I want to say thanks to ear solution for their prompt service.”

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To ensure you get the best care possible, we work with over 200 hearing care professionals across India. They use state-of-art equipment to test your hearing and will help you identify the right hearing aids, according to your needs

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